In Finland, the summer is short, but ... well filled! Days with beautiful and amazing midnight sun, summer is a prime time popular with Finns. From which to meet this still mysterious culture, the incredible variety of festivals that punctuate the season offers entertaining and surprising steps. Of tradition, history and modernity, Finland has more surprises for you.

In July, the largest maritime event in Finland is held in Kotka, a coastal city close to Helsinki. In this country of people who have always turned towards the sea, this festival is a meeting place to discover the unique Finnish maritime heritage. But besides the great fleet that can be admired in the port of Kotka, the Maritime Festival also offers a multitude of concerts, rock, classical, room or street theater plays, and above all a special program for children, to delight the whole family.

In July, the village of Kyarnbo hosts the most important Viking market in Scandinavia. 10000 visitors flock every year to this small village in the archipelago of Aland to discover or rediscover the Viking culture which has always fascinated Europeans. The Kyarbo market is the appointment for Viking associations from all over northern Europe making it an exceptionally popular cultural event in Finland where you can really discover the Viking culture. The different stands are tools, accessories and fabrics made using traditional methods which take visitors on a journey to the origins of Finland.

Finland, they are also food products and a culinary tradition. This little-known aspect of Finnish culture is showcased at the Harvest Festival in the archipelago of Aland, in the west of the country. This is the most popular event of the archipelago and if let you to go and try local products made by no fewer than 30 producers in the region. The objective of this event is to connect producers and consumers, while providing a rich culinary heritage in flavor and originality. And how best to soak up the quality and generosity of the kitchen in the Finnish Aland landscape magnified by the bright colors of autumn?

For most music lovers, the Finnish summer also shows a proliferation of music festivals. Opera, country, classical or rock, everyone will find the rhythm that vibrates from the many concerts that take place from May to October. Below are the essential festivals:

  • the Tango Festival in Seinajoki, Finland highly publicized event, shall annually elect the king and queen of tango shows at the end of burning.
  • The Jazz Festival in Pori, a very popular event in Finland welcomes every year international stars. And Elton John honored it with his presence for the 2011 edition.
  • The classical music festival in Mikkeli celebrates its 20th anniversary. It honors for the occasion the treasures of Russian music.
  • The Savonlinna Opera Festival is the meeting place for lovers of opera. This year, the works of Mozart and Wagner are being honored.
  • The music festival in Kuhmo chamber in the heart of nature and the Finnish white nights, the festival is a feast for the senses.

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