Ilari Sahamies

Who is Ilari Sahamies?

Ilari Sahamies is a professional high stakes poker player. He used to play mostly online at Full Tilt Poker where he got involved in the largest poker games on the betwinner , but note that now Full Tilt is closed. Ilari used the online nickname "Ziigmund".

Ilari plays mostly no-limit texas holdem and pot-limit omaha. Ilari Sahamies is a force to be reckoned with in the world of high stakes online poker, as he belongs to an elite group of top players. Rubbing elbows every day with other poker celebrities such as Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen or Tom "durrrr" Dwan, he has daily bankroll swings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even over one million dollars. If you want to play online poker from the USA, use a carbon poker bonus code to boost your bankroll.

Ilari Sahamies is feared by most poker players (except the top of the top such as Phil Ivey who fears no one), because he is a very aggressive player. He is sometimes referred to as a maniac, the ultra-LAG style with a lot oa aggression. It is tough to play this way as this generates a huge variance. If you sit at a table of PLO with him, you know that anytime you play in a pot against him, you need to be stack committed, otherwise he will run over you. This hyper aggressive type of playing style makes most opponents very uncomfortable because of the large bankroll swings that he entices. This style is a big deal weapon in itself. But not everyone can play this way, and Ziigmund himself must have the stomach to digest the swings in his own bankroll. He often appears at the top of the lead tables, for largest winner but also sometimes as one of the largest losers.

Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies recently endorsed the new online poker room PowerPoker. He was also offered a pokerstars marketing code, but declined. As such their offer some promotional tournament events where you get a chance to play a live heads-up match against him in Finland, all expenses paid. A nice reward for the lucky online poker player who can meet this famous player face to face. But otherwise Ilari is mostly seen at Full Tilt Poker, as this is where the largest poker cash games take place on a regular basis, with players such as Phil Ivey and Daniel Cates. Thousands of railbirds follow these matches as epic battles between the poker gods. Some of the largest pots surpassed one million dollars, and Ilari was involved in some of them, in particular against a player who started at Party Poker. He then became a regular feature at Full Tilt Poker, using the pseudonym Isildur1.

Other poker pros

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Daniel Cates

Daniel Cates is already a legend among online poker players, as in just a few years he has risen to the top of high stakes heads-up tables, challenging everyone including Phil Ivey himself.

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